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This book had flown under my radar, absolutely no idea how that happened!
Released in hardback in October 2020, I appear to have discovered it with help from a friend just in time for paperback in May 2021.
Love receiving book recommendations from people and this was a superb recommendation.
This book is a very accomplished debut, if I hadn’t been told it was a debut I would have spent ages trying to discover this ladies backlist, such fantastic writing. So much so that whatever she writes next I will be needing a copy. So it is historical crime, set in London around the time of Jack the Ripper, told from the point of view of a lady who thinks she might be married to the murderer himself. Fabulous tension throughout this book. Adored all the characters. Brilliant plot. It absolutely deserves it’s 5 star review and I truly hope that many people will listen to my recommendation and discover the brilliance of this book.

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  1. Dan Moran says:

    Thanks to Fiona for the recommendation, I love historical thrillers and this one certainly didn’t disappoint, Set in the late Victorian era it’s the tale of a woman married to a man who begins to stay out all night and behave strangely as women start so show up dead around Whitehall. The main character Susannah is a very interesting one and the plot will keep you guessing right up to the end. A must read for fans of thrillers, highly recommended!

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