Author: Candice Carty-Williams Genre: ,

So this is going to be featured on Between The Covers Series 4, so obviously I just had to read it!
Incredibly lucky to have received an early review copy so this was immediately carried around with me until I had it finished.
This book is a great read full of love, life, humour and family life. We all need the chance to relax with a great feel good book and this is certainly ticking all the boxes.
There are a few moments when it pulls at your heart strings but it will ultimately put a massive smile on your face!
Very happy to recommend on to all and I will certainly be watching Between The Covers to see what everyone else thinks too. I’m a big fan of the show and love how it opens your eyes to new reads. Yes, I will also be checking out her previous books which I confess I had not yet read.

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