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I was most excited to get an early copy of this on Thursday… Then I was even more excited when I realised that I was mentioned in the acknowledgments at the start of the book!
I could have cried! Certainly took me a while to concentrate enough to read…
Helen’s first three books were excellent and the series just keeps getting better and better. They can be read in any order but I think you get a little extra reading them in sequence. Excellent characters! Great tense plots that make you hold your breath as you read. All set in Edinburgh, but very pleased to say this book has a little sneaky trip to Durham in it too!
Wonderful book, Fabulous series – if you love crime thrillers you will not be disappointed.
Helen will be in waterstones Durham on Sat 29th September too!

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  1. Jo says:

    The latest addition from the talented Ms Fields.. thoroughly enjoyed this and as usual she draws you in and is a real page turner. Not the usual approach in unpicking the dark side of the culprits background but all becomes clear very quickly in the closing chapters.
    Fantastic read and was fabulous to meet Helen recently at the crime book group in Durham.. she gave a fantastic insight into life as an author. Roll on book 5!

  2. Maria says:

    Another gripping read, looking forward to the next book!

  3. Dan Moran says:

    Another great book by Helen Fields. I continue to enjoy following the lives of Luc and Ava as much as the solving of the crimes themselves and especially enjoyed Durham getting a mention in this one. This has been one of my favourite series of 2019 with each nook seeming more terrifying than the last. I can’t wait to delve into Perfect Crime and Perfect Kill in 2020 to catch up with Luc and Ava.

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