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Firstly, I will admit that I had zero expectations for this book…
I thought ah girl loves boy teen read… don’t expect too much…
Brian Conaghan’s review on the front tempted me to read it – he says A Pure Joy from start to finish… (I disagree, with him…..)

However, this book is BRILLIANT!
It had me hooked in straight away, if I had started this earlier in the evening I would happily have read it in one sitting… except I started it so late I had to sleep in the middle!
This is not a situation to be recommended, I was left stressing about Rosie all day! Far better to sit down and read all the way through without stopping to breathe.

Great characters! Stressful situations! Excellently plotted – happy to recommend to ALL

A absolute must read – although I’m not sure I felt joy on each pages as Brian predicted I would say tension on each page!

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