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I had heard this book was rather good, yes I think those were the exact words used to describe it. (York, September 2016)
That was enough for me to request an advance review copy…Thank you to Joseph and Alison for organising this, definitely appreciated.
As we know some debuts can be a little weak, while others can knock you off your feet, this one will definitely knock you off your feet!
I finished it last night at the cost of a few hours sleep and the book is still living it’s self out in my head as I type.
It is set in Manchester, you are immediately immersed in the night life it describes. There are a number of complex characters to get your teeth into! This I am hoping is the start of a new series for Joseph, which I could easily see being picked up for a TV series too!!
I am more than happy to recommend this book, and if it had been coming out this side of Christmas it would most certainly have been purchased for a number of friends and family this year!!

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  1. Maria Lomax says:

    Another brilliant recommendation Fiona, fast-paced, dark & gritty. Thank you!

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