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Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy, this was easily a yes for me when I was offered a review copy as I have an incredible fascination with regard to Chernobyl.
I can understand people wanting to see the site and how it has changed over the years since it was an active city to an exclusion zone. I can equally understand people wanting to chart the changes brought on in the exclusion zone as nature reclaims the land. Fascinating looking over old and new photographs of the area and I am sure it will continue to be. Bearing in mind that it is currently not under Ukrainian control at the time of writing this review I imagine people will be watching to see what is happening in the area currently. Obviously we all understand that it will not be safe to live their again for many many years so I find it hard to understand the life of a stalker visiting many times and putting their life at risk. They also seem to have a total disregard for any safety measures in his account with many references to excessive drinking and extreme risk taking. But it was a fascinating read and I am sure it will continue to pull people in to view and understand what is happening in this very famous exclusion zone.

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