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Well done Waterstones on a great Thriller of the month – January 2019!
I absolutely love a brilliant thriller and since this was also set in North Korea it was too good to resist!
I am intrigued by North Korea and have read a few non fiction books about the country previously (a few of which were referenced in the back of this book).
There were however still some facts in this book that more than surprised me. (There is a section in the back of the book to read after the novel which details some facts)
So I loved the characters, I loved the pace. It took me about three sittings to finish it around work & life but I never wanted to put it down for a moment.
I will be happily recommending this to all and buying for many family and friends.
Simply excellent! I’m really hoping for the possibility of a book 2…. there was just a thread or two that I feel could be followed up on!

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  1. Dan Moran says:

    First book of the year for me and could end up being the best! I absolutely loved it! The detail about life for both everyday people and the priviledged elite in North Korea was gripping. The characters are fantastic and easy to sympathize with. The events of the book are based on what came to DB John when he visited North Korea in 2012. A must read for fans of thrillers or those who have an interest in history and current events/politics, but perfect for any fan of books.

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