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Thank you to the publishers who sent me this lovely early review copy, I had heard so much about this already… not publishing until April 2021 (do suggest a pre order) and already everyone is talking about it!
So very simply this book is the best debut I have ever read, if you had asked me to guess how many books this author had already written, how long they had been writing for… well I’m afraid to say that I would not have guessed anywhere near correctly.
So brilliantly written, fantastically written characters (I happen to think any of them was worthy of being the lead character). Great setting for the novel, very much pulling on people’s limited views of life. Excellent plot, such depth to this book. Even with an incredibly hectic day yesterday, I couldn’t help but grab a chapter or two with every spare moment. So I certainly recommend you get this pre ordered, otherwise come April you are going to be missing out on all the conversations. But be warned, once you start to read this, it will take over your head so be prepared to carry it everywhere until you finish it.
One final note, Dear Anna Bailey, whatever you are writing next – I am more than ready to read it first… (I can either beg or sharpen my elbows to reach the front of the queue).

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