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Thank you to Nikki who very kindly sent me an early signed and dedicated copy of this book. Before receiving it I had seen many well established authors praising it, so to be honest I started this the moment it dropped through the letterbox with the highest of expectations and I am very pleased to report that it did not disappoint!
Set both in current time and July 1989 this seamlessly swaps between the dates without ever losing pace. I practically devoured this in one sitting yesterday.
Whilst I loved all the characters I couldn’t possibly ever go on holiday with Nikki after reading this as I don’t know which of these brilliant characters is nearest to her personality… so be careful if she sends you an invite!
Great pace, fabulous tension all the way to the end.
I would be very happy to read any future books from Nikki and I am definitely happy to recommend on to all crime thriller fans!
If this isn’t being read by everyone round the pool this year then I will be very surprised!

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