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Thank you to Jenny and her publishers for this early review copy.
I am a big fan of Jenny’s books so it is always a treat to receive a copy, consequently I did dive straight in… although not into the Loch you should note.
This book is heart felt, it is hilarious (I laughed out loud so many times while reading) and it is a fantastically great story too.
Two young boys are moving to Scotland, their lives have changed but in what way we are about to find out.
All the characters are great, I have just sat trying to decide which character I liked the best… I can’t, I just genuinely loved them all.

So if you want a gorgeous, fun filled, laugh out loud book with a big heart – this book is for you!
I suggest you pre order now.

While you wait if you haven’t read Jenny’s books before then I suggest you start with The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates.

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