Author: Jarred McGinnis Genre: ,

This book is going to be featured on Between The Covers – Series 3 – BBC2 with Sara Cox.

So until this book was announced as one of the reads for the show I had never heard of it or indeed the author.
As I researched the book I felt if I was honest this book wouldn’t have been picked up by me, didn’t sound like something I would usually read but having enjoyed the books previously selected for this show there was no way I could pass up the opportunity of buying and reading it.

This book will certainly open your eyes, it covers family life at it’s low points and high points. It looks at pain, death, addiction, life changing accident and how can you come back from these points? With strength, determination and love. So maybe it’s not a beach read – but it is an excellent read and something perhaps you will reflect on for a long time to come.

Happy to recommend on to other readers and very much looking forward to the discussion on Between The Covers.

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