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Thank you to Mike for this early review copy, excellent book cover by the way. If you are part of #TeamTilly then you will be pleased to hear that she features very well in this third in the series. If you haven’t read his books before and love crime thrillers then you are seriously missing out – please start with The Puppet Show, then Black Summer for best results.
(Also very happy to recommend his two from the previous series Born in a Burial Gown and Body Breaker).
So excellent plot, which of course I was sure I had guessed correctly several times, but on each occasion I hadn’t!
If you haven’t met Tilly before then she remains the best character you could meet in a crime thriller series, in my opinion.
Horrific crimes, which I think are his speciality it seems. His humour continues throughout the books.
Such a twisty plot that ensures you really can’t stop turning the pages no matter how many other things you really should be doing instead.
Enough threads left to ensure you must pre-order book 4 in the series, he clearly knows how to pull you in and keep you demanding more.
I don’t think he will be applying for a job with Cumbria’s tourist board anytime soon although he does describe the scenery and places brilliantly.
I absolutely love this series and will happily continue to recommend to all!
I’m just now of course concerned about how long he will make me wait for book 4 – I had to wait 15 months for this one!

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  1. Joanne Hockaday says:

    Well, when will book 4 be available? Is it June 2021? If so, wake me up when it’s out. I feel like everything else will be just too disappointing.
    Having thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 books in the Poe series, (with Puppet Show being in my top 5 when read), i think The Curator is the best yet. I’ve just turned the last page and i’m wondering if any book i pick up next (other than Poe 4) will live up to this standard.
    Elevated to my best read of 2020, i’d recommend this book without any hesitation.
    Oh, and i hope Fiona gets her TeamTilly tote bag one day soon.

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