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After this won the costa I agreed with a couple of friends to read this during Feb 2019 to discuss at the end of the month together.
We have all stepped outside of our comfort zone to read this, what I didn’t realise is just how far this would take me outside of that zone.
I have just finished this book which literally took my breath away on a few occasions and this was reading about these experiences not actually experiencing them first hand.
Such a powerful book, not at all what I expected. I am completely moved by it.
I now need a big cuddle and maybe a cup of tea (with something stronger to follow).
Absolutely going to urge all to read this!
I am genuinely lost for words but my emotions are high.

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  1. Dan Moran says:

    This was a very difficult read in parts but is the astonishing tale of how Lien van Es attempted to escape the Nazis during the German occupation of the Netherlands. The book is well researched by the author Bart van Es and I Iearned lots about the Dutch resistance and the role played by lots of Dutch people that helped many Jewish children to survive the war.

  2. Joanne Hockaday says:

    I read this as part of a book group, otherwise i must admit, i wouldn’t have picked it up. To be honest, (and more to my ignorance), i’d not heard of this book until it won the Costa award.
    The book is very well researched, it strongly comes across that Bart Van Es has spent a lot of time on this book. At times, the book is an extremely difficult read, but it is an important subject matter.
    Lien Van Es is a very courageous lady, her life has been exceptionally hard, and it’s no wonder that Bart wanted to tell her story.
    A difficult read, but one that i’m glad i seen through to the end.

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