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Thank you to Roz for this review copy, the first in the series.
I (hangs head) read book 2 first… but I loved it so much I knew I would be very much needing to read book 1 & then 3, (cut to the bone).
Having read out of order, I would strongly advise you to read in order as although the crime can be read as a standalone, you will certainly enjoy the series, characters etc more if you read in order and build up the full picture.
This book (and the second – Dead Man’s Daughter) have great tension and pace, so you know the pages will be happily turning long after you really should have gone to sleep or dealt with another task. The characters are brilliantly constructed and you genuinely want to find out more about them.
Most definitely recommended to all crime thriller fans. Book 3 is firmly on my wish list!

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