Author: Freya Berry Genre: ,

Very pleased to see this book is going to be featured on Between The Covers Series 4, this is a fabulous debut, which I have already been happily recommending. So it will be great to see the world all pick it up and rave about it too.
Superb writing, truly hard to believe this is a debut.
This is very much about the trial of The Dictator’s Wife, looking back over her life to date… how much did she know? How much was she responsible for or party too?
Is she has innocent as she claims? Will she be found guilty or not guilty?
This absolutely pulled me in, completely hooked and brilliantly concluded… you just have to keep on turning those pages long after you really should have gone to sleep or perhaps dealt with an urgent task.
Whatever Freya writes next I shall be at the very front of the queue – so please stand in an orderly line behind me.
Completely recommended!

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