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Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy, at the start of the year I hadn’t heard of Brian but he is now one of my favourite authors. So if you hadn’t previously heard about him, then wriggle along there is still time to get these books on your Christmas list!
This year has seen me read his 11 previous books and recommend them to everyone who will listen to me.
So I was delighted to receive an early copy of The Empty Room yesterday which I have now devoured. Told from the mother’s perspective, starting the morning she realises her daughter is missing… The question is really what would you do in these circumstances? Crumble? Or perhaps risk everything to uncover the truth? Who can you trust? What would you do to get your daughter back?
A great cast of characters, some will infuriate you, some you will love and trust. But with every page there is tension, you will never want to put this book down. You will be holding your eyes open long past the point you should have turned into sleep to just read one more chapter…
Superb writing, but now I wonder how long I will have to wait for his next book?

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