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Many of us think that we know what went on in Auschwitz, we have read books, seen movies, but can we ever truly know what people experienced?
Every time I read about it I learn something more. Every time it breaks my heart that in our near history such acts were committed, it is something I shall probably never understand how it happened. When I picked up this book to read I had an expectation that I would learn a little more about Auschwitz, that my heart would once again be broken. I also expected to hear all about the escape and consequently the shock, horror and action that took place once the news was out about what was truly happening there. Perhaps it is fair to say that my eyes were opened a little more when you realise the effort it took to get the report of what was happening to the powerful people around the world and then just as I was ready for the action to stop it… my eyes were opened again!
This book will stay with me for a very long time for so many reasons. I urge you to buy it, read it, and recommend it on to others.
This will never not be heart breaking! Essential reading for all.

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