Author: Sarah Perry Genre: , ,

This novel has been chosen as the Waterstones Book of the Year 2016…..So you have to expect that it will be good….
But does this raise your expectations to high?

This novel more than deserves to be book of the year! It has sat quietly in the stores for a few months, making just the odd the ripple.

I was of course tempted to read it after having been so very addicted to Sarah’s first book, but it was clearly so different….so I put it off but I couldn’t resist for long, it was calling to me.

I will not spoil the plot with my review I will only tell you that I adored all the characters, especially Cora.
I loved the sense of place from her descriptions, you become totally absorbed by time, place and even smell.

Buy it for yourself, or for a present (or 3). I have and I certainly do not regret it!


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