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I didn’t fancy this book….I had ignored it for ages….

But then I heard the film was being released and we all know you need to read the book first…

So I decided to stop ignoring my friends and read it…..well guess what they were all correct – I LOVED IT!

Now I am happy to go watch the film.

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  1. Louise says:

    I wouldn’t normally choose to read a book from this genre but a friend recommended it and gave me her copy. So I apprehensively started it and well… it’s not often that I finish a book this quickly when I’m not on holiday but I couldn’t put it down. It was a big surprise to find this was everything I wouldn’t expect from a book of this genre. The characters were warm and relatable, the story was tense, thrilling and sad. Chapter 49 is just two pages long but it’s beautifully written, summing up the complexity of Melanie’s thinking. The characters and the ending are unforgettable.

  2. Rachel Bowen says:

    I could agree more with both reviews. This would not normally be my cup of tea but in all honesty it was riveting, sad and thought provoking. Read it in super quick time and thoroughly enjoyed every second. Quite sad when I’d finished. I would definitely recommend it.

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