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Thank you to the publishers & Sharna for this early review copy, if you know how much I have loved High Rise Mystery & Mic Drop then you will understand why this flew straight into my hands and bypassed the towering to be read piles.
So this is a different series from the two books I mentioned and I wondered how it would stand up against these two that I already adore… my verdict: It’s great!
It has fantastic characters who we obviously want to hear more from in future books. Wonderful plot, three children set out to make a difference in their local community… but how will that go? Will their acts of kindness be appreciated? Will everything go smoothly? This book might just open the readers eyes to matters that need consideration and discussion. How do you know who you can trust? Who tells you the truth? Who would share your values?
Absolutely recommended! Very much looking forward to Sharna’s next book now in either series!

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