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Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy, the big question is would you open it?
What open the book? Well yes, firstly of course you would have to open & read the book… but once you do and discover the plot… would YOU open THE BOX? The big question – would you want to know? Would you want to know about others in your life too? What would you do with the information?
This book at first was very much about these questions but then it developed into something a touch more. I’d say the plot develops in three sections in this book, at first it was very much as expected, then the middle part was clearly taking a change in direction and I was wondering what this author had up their sleeve. The final part was a good ending – no I’m not about to give spoilers.
Would this book change your view point on how you treat life today? Or how you might treat it if you knew what was in your box?
Very happy to recommend on to others. I’ll certainly be watching out for what they write next.

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