Author: Yangsze Choo Genre: ,

I’ve had a copy of this book for years, I’ve held on to it knowing I wanted to read it but never quite pushing it to the top of my pile, can’t really explain why.
Firstly, I love the cover design!
This is a book that once I started I thought I was going to struggle with, myths and folklore are not really my thing, but it has so many great reviews that I decided to keep going.
Once I got settled into the style I really enjoyed it, yes I had to concentrate at first but then it just flowed beautifully. Loved the characters, loved the setting, thought it was fabulously written. All the time you have the tensions of what is going on with the deaths and body parts. Why would someone be carrying such an item?
You’ve got young love and family dynamics too.
Part crime plot, part folklore, the conclusion left me smiling!
Happy to recommend on to all.

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