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Before you read any further you need to know that THIS IS HIS BEST BOOK so far!

So thank you to the publishers and Trevor for securing me an early review copy.
Love the Newcastle front cover.

Trevor mentioned the main character to me some time ago and I knew immediately that this was a book I absolutely needed to read.
So I am delighted that it is so good. I expect this book to be picking up crime awards very soon.
It is the start of a new series that I very much wish I could binge read immediately – only one small problem… book 2 is still being written. But Trevor I am here waiting to read it just as soon as it’s ready for my eyes.

DCI Jack Parker is a brilliant character!
I hope that not only do we all enjoy this new character but that it also helps raise awareness of things like dementia.

Great police crime thriller which I admit I had guessed how it might conclude but that didn’t take away any of the enjoyment of the book at all.

This is an absolute must read!
Highly recommended.

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