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A massive thank you to the publishers for this early review copy of the 4th book in the DS Alexandra Cupidi Series, there was quite some excitement at it’s arrival and it certainly made it easy to follow #lockdown3 advice – stay home and READ. This occupied my afternoon / evening yesterday from the second I opened the jiffy bag (far too many people phone up when you are reading a good book it was noted).
I had the highest of expectations for this book, from the first pages of Salt Lane I have been hooked into this series. Love the characters and the landscape. William has an excellent pace and tension in his books. Several crimes in the book, which you think you’ve solved and maybe you have, maybe you haven’t but there is always a little something extra that will make you smile and ensure you are pre ordering the next in the series long before it’s publication date. I will happily recommend all this series to everyone at anytime. So if you haven’t read this series yet I suggest you read in order, although they can be read as standalone if you’ve jumped in mid series. Enjoy!

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