Author: Jenny Pearson & Sam Copeland Genre: , ,

Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy from Jenny and Sam, I would love to have been a witness to these guys writing this book!
I think they would make a great duo at a book event too, (so what did I think of the book… well I obviously started this with the highest of expectations and I wondered if one voice would come through more than the other… (Please note if you make us pick favourites – it would have to be Jenny as she is geographically a lot closer to me than Sam!)
Both voices were fabulous loved Agatha and Lenny equally, would definitely love to read another adventure with these characters.
Obviously full of laughs, well let’s be honest with these two authors writing it would be rather disappointing if you weren’t crying with laughter.
But also a great adventure! What is happening with this shiver? Why do people not remember what they do? What or who is causing the shivers? Can they solve the case?
Have they got what it takes to uncover the truth?
Very happy to recommend on to all!

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