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Received this surprise book in yesterdays post. Didn’t have any great views on it, so decided to read a couple of pages when I went to bed…
ok, so I actually read for about three hours, it was a rather addictive read…slept for 5 hours then had to finish it and let you all know how brilliant this book is!
So please go buy it and read it when it is published in September.
I have always had the greatest respect for the medics that have treat me whether they were NHS or private, the care from each and everyone has been second to none. There are some funny moments in the book, others that maybe you were glad you didn’t have to see and treat.
We are all guilty of claiming to have worked non stop or have the most stressful job….once you have read this please think again.
Yesterday I got a surprise thank you from a lovely (rather famous lady) I had recently had the pleasure to meet, I was thrilled…having always (I hope) expressed my thanks and appreciation to people who help you in life I was more than surprised to read how few people thank their medics! Doesn’t have to be anything more than a few words to show you appreciate them so just do it!

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  1. Jo says:

    I absolutely loved this book…
    Witty, hilarious, heartbreaking and euphoric in places. Adam Kay has finally found his calling in life and it’s not working for the NHS!
    Buy it and read it today.. fantastic!

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