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Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy.
So before I started to read the novel I knew that this was all about a father / daughter relationship and that it might involve a touch of time travel…
I wasn’t sure about the time travel element but having only heard great things I was keen to read.
Firstly, it is beautifully written and the father / daughter relationship might even bring a tear to your eyes. This book is full of love, warmth and friendship, heart breaking in places but also heart warming.
If this time travel opportunity was gifted to you how would you handle it? Would your try to convince people that you’ve seen the future? Would you try and change the future?
This is a book that will touch so many hearts and leave you wondering what if you could, would you and what would you try and change?
Absolutely recommended to all. I genuinely believe this is a book we are going to see on all the lists going forward.

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