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Thank you very much to Neil Broadfoot (author of No Man’s Land) who set me this book as homework.
Thank you also to the publishers who sent me this review copy.
But all credit to the author for this brilliance, however, a word of caution the book will let you put it down to sleep for the night, but it just pretends after only a few hours of sleeping it taps gently at your head and demands you wake up and read more…. I will be shattered later on today! For this Neil or Douglas can accept the blame…please.
I would describe this as a slow build, tense from the start, then tension continues to build as you read, the plot is very tightly knitted.
I am very happy to recommend this on to others.
Questions to Douglas – is this a stand alone? Is it part of an existing series? Or could this be the start of a new series? I’m rather hoping this is the start of a new series myself!!

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  1. Douglas Skelton says:

    Thank you, Fiona. It’s hopefully the first in a new series featuring Rebecca Connolly, all set in the highlands and islands of Scotland.

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