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Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy, when I first received this I thought it was non fiction but on further examination realised it was fiction. Part of me wondered if I’d have preferred non fiction? So I confess I let this sit on my to be read pile for a few weeks while I considered if I was ready to read a fictional book set during a covid lockdown.
The book is split into four sections. I think you might find you relate to certain sections more than others. I could not help but to compare this fictional read alongside the real life experience I had during lockdown. The change in life, the worries, the restrictions, finding joy in the smallest of things that in other times would perhaps not register.
I found the read compelling and just could not put it down last night so read far too late. It certainly left me reflecting on 2020 and the changes in our lifestyle that resulted during this period and in some cases long after that.

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