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I had been hesitate to read this book even though I had heard so many great things about it…..
So when I eventually started to read this I bizarrely had the intention of only reading a chapter and dismissing it.
How wrong I was, once I started reading this book there was no chance of putting it down until you reach the end.
It is a wonderful account of life.
This book gave me an even greater appreciation for the medics across the world on the front line, in the background in any scenario.
Also giving you a better appreciation of the affect cancer and its treatment can have on you and your closest friends and family.
I urge everyone to read this!

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  1. Louise says:

    This was an unexpectedly easy read. Simple, intimate and surprisingly positive. The epilogue by Lucy Kalanithi provides a fitting ending to her husband’s unfinished book.

  2. Maria Lomax says:

    A wonderful, emotional memoir. Although, I have to say that I found this book very difficult to read, having lost a family member to lung cancer. Lucy’s epilogue brought me to tears.

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