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Having been a fan of Fiona’s three previous books I was very happy to get an early copy of book 4, which is a stand alone crime thriller.
So with apologies to everyone else’s books waiting in the piles to be read Fiona did jump straight to the top of the pile, not a lot else has happened in my house today and people have been actively discouraged from talking to me as I did not want to be putting it down! This is definitely Fiona’s best book to date, great characters, excellent plot and brilliant edge of the seat tension – yes I did get my husband to pour me wine at 5pm as the tension continually ramped up!
This has jumped into my top thriller reads of 2019 (this is my 269th book of the year so far – so there is a lot of competition to be in my top reads).
Very happy to recommend all of Fiona’s books on to everyone and this one will certainly be getting shouted about when it is published in August 2020!

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