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Where do you find inspiration for your books?

Anywhere!  From places and overheard snatches of conversation and people I meet.  Inspiration for The Moth Catcher came from a newspaper article, a party I went to about 10 years ago and a Moth Catcher HBstudent placement in a women’s prison.

Do you try and read the online reviews you get on say waterstones website?

I read reviews that appear in the national press or if I see things on twitter.  I don’t really have time to look on other websites.

Is there anything you wouldn’t write about?

I’d struggle to write anything about the abuse of children.

What did you do before becoming a writer?

I was an observatory cook, a coastguard, a probation officer and a reader development officer in public libraries.

Which author inspires you?

Andrew Taylor. His writing is very elegant.

Which genres do you read yourself?

I love crime

What is your biggest motivator?

A passion for writing.  It’s an escape and it’s hugely satisfying.

What will always distract you?

Emails and twitter.

How much say do you have in your book covers?

Very little.  Though if I dislike one, the team does look again.

As a child were you a great reader?


Which book shop is your favourite?

Forum books in Corbridge

What can you not resist buying?

The latest John Le Carre

Do you have any rituals on your writing days?

I write early in the morning while I’m still in my pyjamas.

How many books in your own to be read pile?

Too many to count.

What is your current read?

The Girl in the Spider’s Web.  I’m actually enjoying it more than the original Larsson.

Have you ever considered writing for the young adult or teen market?

No.  Though young adults do seem to enjoy especially the Shetland books.

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  1. Jo Dann says:

    Love Ann’s work – looking forward to meeting her at the public lecture in Sunderland in October.

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