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So this was recommended to me by crime writer Robert Scragg, firstly, it’s not a crime book – but it is a phenomenal book!
An emotional subject matter is covered, you read about such things in the headlines and you prayer with all your heart that you never encounter this first hand, heart breaking in the extreme.
This is brilliantly written, truly captures your heart and soul as you read and fight alongside this family for what is right.
Warning, there is every chance you may need tissues as you read.
Very happy to recommend this on to everyone.

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  1. Joanne says:

    I think that when you read this book, you’ll pick a side that you believe to be right, i know i did. Having seen a few stories like this in the press, i could imagine the description of grief and terror the family felt.
    Thoroughly thought provoking, and an emotionally challenging read, but at the same time very difficult to put down.
    Highly recommended!

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