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Thank you to the publisher for this review copy…
I saw it on books at bedtime (on twitter) and thought oh this could be something special…
So it got added to my far to big to be read pile – but it wouldn’t sit quietly so I had to read it urgently to get some peace…
My verdict – absolutely excellent!!!
This book certainly deserves ALL the praise.
May I strongly recommend you buy and read this!! (ideally from Waterstones Durham – who can order if this suddenly sells out!)

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  1. Joanne says:

    This is a cracking book set in Edinburgh. The characters and locations are really well written, and you quickly become gripped.
    Breakers has been receiving a lot of (well deserved) attention on Twitter, and i’m sure it’ll sell really well.
    Totally agree with Fiona and the 5 stars she has awarded it.

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