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Firstly, thank you to Sophie from Transworld for trusting me with a very early review copy! I’ll confess I was so blown away with receiving a copy that I made myself wait to read it until I truly had time to sit back and relax with it! It was very hard to ignore it for so long but otherwise I would not have felt the true power of the book if I only managed a page or so at once. It is of course no surprise to hear that the book is brilliant! We all completely expected that to be the case, but did you know it would get hold of you, it would take over you, you would feel every joy, every sorrow, it takes hold of your heart and head and it really gives them a work out! Your entire body will ache as you finish this book! It is completely brilliant and I predict that this to many will be the novel of 2018!! So grab it and love it! A massive thank you to Sophie for my copy and please everyone take note and go buy it! A decision you will not regret!

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