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Thank you very much to the publishers for this early review copy.
I fell in love with this book back in March when I was lucky enough to attend an event where the first chapter was read to us, I knew straight away that this book was going to be fabulous! I remember being captivated and whole heartedly wishing that I did not have such a long wait to enjoy the rest of this book.
This book as you would expect is beautifully written and a complete joy to read. I think absolutely everyone will get something from it. Some facts some of you may already know, many facts you may not know or may have been long buried in your brain.
But whoever you are this is going to be a book that you will love to read, love to share details from and I’m sure will pick up time and time again.
Simply wonderful!

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  1. nickimags says:

    Fab review! I love a Bill Bryson book!

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