Author: Stacy Gregg Genre: , ,
Review by Natalya (Age 13)
I loved this book so much. I loved every chapter of this book, every 21 chapters. I thought that the meaning behind this book, Men are not better or more successful than women, is a great message. A message that many men should understand and girls to hear. This book was funny at times, when Ali got stuck in the dumb waiter, but also very sad at times. Princess Haya was my favourite character because she had the courage even after many falls to get back on her horse. My least favourite character was definitely Frances, she was moody, mean and enjoyed making Haya’s life hard. I hated how she always told Haya that her Mother would be disappointed in her, when she wouldn’t be. I would recommend this book to girls aged nine to thirteen. A book that all girls should enjoy.

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