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Thank you to the publishers for this review copy and to Zoe Ball for including it in her 2018 book group. It was the book group challenge that pushed this copy higher up my to be read pile. I admit having read Where Memories Go previously by Sally I had very high expectations for this debut fiction novel.
I don’t know about anyone else but I need to concentrate a lot harder when the names of the characters in the book are not names that are familiar to me…this tends to slow me down as I have to double check I haven’t got the characters mixed up in my head early on in the book, once the story line is established in my brain I’m ok to read with full speed ahead.
This is a brilliant fiction debut from an excellent non fiction writer.
The imagination required to turn a piece of historical fact into this story line is fantastic! Certainly happy to recommend on to others. I will be watching out for future fictional novels by Sally for sure.

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